Our best-selling charging station with proven technology and reliability. Built to be connected and intelligent, EVBox BusinessLine makes going electric at your workplace/business easier than ever.

Our best-selling electric car charging solution

With its intelligent software, EVBox BusinessLine is easy to manage and makes efficient use of energy. BusinessLine is designed to suit your needs, from workplace and hospitality to fleet management and more.

Why invest in EV charging for your business?





Address the growing demand for EV charging

Electric car adoption is only going up from here. Enable your employees, guests, and customers to charge while working, shopping, or eating at your location.

Earn additional income

Set different fees for staff, visitors, and customers using your charging stations. Plus, you can make the location of your stations visible online to encourage public charging.

Future-proof your business

All of our charging solutions are designed to serve electric vehicles now and in the future, so you can rest assured that your investment is protected


 EVBox BusinessLine key features

Built-in electrical protections

EVBox BusinessLine comes with built-in protections to prevent overcurrent and make sure the charging environment is safe for the building and the car.

Always connected

EVBox BusinessLine stays online through a Wi-Fi and 4G LTE connection and cellular connection to receive automatic firmware updates and make remote maintenance possible.


EVBox BusinessLine's weatherproof and shockproof design minimizes the need for maintenance. Your employees and guests will hit the road fully charged every day, all year round.

Automated reimbursement of charging costs

EVBox BusinessLine works with a connected backend to automatically settle and reimburse charging costs.

Realtime insights and full control

EVBox BusinessLine is integrated with the powerful charging management app Hey EVBox. This app allows you to easily track and control all your charging sessions from the palm of your hand.

Hub-Satellite configuration

EVBox BusinessLine makes it easy to manage your whole EV charging network from the same account to save on subscription costs. Connect up to 20 connectors per Hub-Satellite configuration and as many Hub-Satellite networks as you need. This also enables your charging points to balance the available power responsibly.

Set fees for commercial charging

Earn your hardware investment back on EVBox BusinessLine stations by publishing your station to a public charging map and setting fees for visitors to charge.

Fixed cable or socket options

Make the best choice for your location: choose EVBox BusinessLine with a fixed cable or a socket. Go for a fixed cable to reduce the hassle of unloading and storing a charging cable, or go with the socket-only version and utilize your own cable.


The full package

Much more than just an electric car charging station, we provide you with a full-service package to make your life easier.

EVBox BusinessLine is perfect for: 





EVBox BusinessLine Chargers- Catec
EVBox BusinessLine Chargers- Catec
EVBox BusinessLine Chargers- Catec


EVBox BusinessLine evolves with every electric car, so it's the only charger you'll ever need!

Full-service installation

CATEC Mobility certified installers provide safe and fast installations at optimal location(s) on your site.

Charging management

With Shabik, you can track and manage charging sessions from your smartphone or computer with ease.

Go electric, your way

EVBox BusinessLine Chargers- Catec

1. Request a quote

After you request a quote, our team will be in contact within one business day to inquire more about your situation and answer any questions you may have.


2. Get your site surveyed

We’ll send a technician for a site survey to assess power requirements, identify ideal locations for the chargers, and more


3. Connect with an installer

We’ll refer an approved installation partner to you, so you can rest assured that you’ll be receiving qualified installation work from highly-trained professionals.


4. Receive set up support

Once the installation is complete, we’ll assist you to make sure all charging points are correctly registered and help you make the most of our charging management software platform.

EVBox BusinessLine Chargers- Catec
EVBox BusinessLine Chargers- Catec
EVBox BusinessLine Chargers- Catec

EV Charging Regional Sales Team

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Tesla Owners

We are a TESLA approved installer based in Abu Dhabi and working throughout the UAE


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