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RPA can take over the mundane repetitive work that no one likes and it gives your employees the to focus on the rich and fulfilling parts of work. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has the power to transform your business, streamline processes, and accelerate digital transformation. 

Together with RPA top leaders in the market, we deliver hyper-automation solutions using an evolving set of AI technologies to automate more knowledgable work and engage everyone in an organization, all managed and orchestrated on a platform that’s scalable and secure. 

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8hr icon

Works max 8 hours

Calender ico

Needs vacations, off-days,

sick leaves

24hr icon

Can work 24 hours

Calender icon

Can work continuously

without breaks

Applacation icon

Works max 150

applications per day

Target icon
Applacation icon
Target icon

Works with human


Can work more than 2000


Can work with machine


Needs more time to generate report

Needs more time to generate report

Can generate report  immediately

Needs more time to generate report


Correspondence management is a fundamental business function for enterprises across industries. From banking and insurance to healthcare, retail, travel, and government — whatever your field, communicating with clients or constituents through correspondence is a requirement


CATEC has repeatedly delivered high-impact RPA solutions across multiple industries. With access to hundreds of customizable automated activities, our customers achieve unparalleled increases in productivity, efficiency, and employee satisfaction.


 We are certified partners of one of the top three RPA companies UiPath and also with Nintex RPA. We utilize these platforms to scale and digitalize your business operations at unprecedented speed. These Ready-made, flexible automation solutions enable you to automate faster without disruption and quickly accelerate productivity and efficiency, capture actionable business insights, and improve customer experience and empower your employees. 80% of our implementations finish within 3 months or fewer.   

Government Sector

CATEC has delivered exceptional automation services to government organizations across the Middle East region and has helped them accelerate their digital transformation journey.

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Robotic Process Automation Sales Team

Youʼre in Extremely Safe hands with our knowledgeable sales team. 

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Islam Shatnawi - Catec


Robotic Automation

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