CATEC and SENSONEO Partnership

CATEC SMART WASTE is excited to announce with the partnership with SENSONEO - the leading smart waste management solutions provider to support the "Go Sustainable - Go green" journey and to gain market advantage in today’s competitive landscape.

Organizations are increasingly seeking verified smart technologies to increase agility and deliver greater value to customers. 

Waste management is one of the biggest challenges that fast-growing economies in the Middle East faceSustainable waste management system demands a high degree of public participation, sufficient funds, and modern waste management practices/technologies. By partnering with Sensoneo, CATEC makes steady progress in the region, enable clients to drive efficiency and thus to save costs, while obtaining experience, and providing concerted efforts to make the region = in line with the most developed strategies for sustainability and circular economy. 



Furthering its dedication to being a top Digital Transformation solution provider, CATEC is pleased to announce its new strategic partnership with SENSONEO – leading provider of smart waste management solutions.

Waste management has become a major environmental challenge across the Middle East. This partnership aligns with our core strategy on many fronts and can help provide our mutual customers with greater insight to make more informed decisions across the enterprise."

Our environmental Consultancy, and smart technologies services, will help them move to a sustainable and green world, and Empower the Business and become Fit-for-Future.



Sensoneo solutions for smart waste management are available worldwide via the network of partners. The presence of a reseller partner in the regions provides customers with an extra layer of customer service.. Many of our reseller partners are network operators (TELCO, IoT), system integrators, waste management companies and consultancies, bin producers, and others.


It is our pleasure to introduce one of our partners – CATEC smart waste system integrator based in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We value very much CATEC’s expertise and know-how and we believe that the innovations that Sensoneo brings to the waste management market would help the company to succeed on the market. 


announce strategic partnership to empower a sustainable and Green environment in GCC

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Cubic Art-Technologies CATEC is a customer-centric and technology-driven company providing enterprise business solutions and enterprise services that help clients in crafting holistic value for their software development efforts.

CATEC is a trusted partner of many central government departments and agencies since 2005 and has a successful coalition with Cubic Art Pixels (CAP) to provide Environmental Consultancy, and smart technologies services, CATEC committed to delivering quality services that meet the needs of its customers in achieving their sustainability mission and high-level goals.

Sensoneo is a global enterprise-grade smart waste management solutions provider that enables cities and businesses to manage their waste efficiently, lower their environmental footprint and improve the quality of services.


Through its unique smart waste management technology, Sensoneo is redefining the way waste is managed. The solution combines in-house produced Smart Sensors that monitor waste in real-time with advanced tracking equipment and sophisticated software providing cities and businesses with digital transformation, automation of critical daily operations and data-driven decision making which results in transparent waste streams, optimization of waste collection routes, frequencies, and vehicle loads, and the ability to easily introduce incentive programs motivating for less waste production.

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