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Enter the world of smart e-mobility with our end-to-end EV charging solutions, guided by our expertise across markets and industries


Car Dealers

Maximize EV sales by providing an enhanced experience to your customers

Are you ready to evolve your car dealerships as EV adoption increases?

We partner with you to create an EV charging solution that is scalable, future-proof, and tailored to your site and utility requirements. You can rely on us for world-class service and support at every stage of your electrification journey.

Our Offering         

Benefits of installing EV chargers for car dealers:

  • Attract customers by introducing them to EV charging stations

  • Create sales opportunities and sell more electric vehicles

  • Increase brand awareness and boost brand equity

  • Enhance the customer experience and also promote your dealershi


Installation Services

Installation & Maintenance

Professional and reliable EV charging installation and maintenance to keep your charging stations up and running at all times

Deploy EV charging stations at scale with the help of our certified team of experts. Ensure the maximum efficiency of your charging station by properly maintaining every aspect of the installation to avoid safety issues or costly repairs.

Get support with site qualification, site preparation, and charging station infrastructure design, including activation, configuration, and software implementation—everything customized as per your requirements.

Our team of experts evaluates your facility's specific requirements, leverages existing relationships with utility providers, and optimizes a solution to support your current and future EV charging objectives.​

  • Preliminary Site Assessment

  • RFP Preparation & Management

  • Architectural & Engineering Management

  • Permits and Utility Approval

  • Rebate Application, Training, and Commissioning


Maintenance Services

Ensure optimal utilization of your EV infrastructure by keeping your charging stations up and running at all times with the help of our comprehensive monitoring, maintenance, and support services.

Minimize business disruptions with fast repairs, ensuring always-available charging and hassle-free issue resolution.

  • 24/7 Service helpdesk

  • Remote troubleshooting

  • On-site intervention

  • Preventive maintenance

  • Maintenance support

Software & App

Track, manage, optimize, and scale your EV charging with our hardware-agnostic EV charging management platform - Shabik

Monitor and manage your EV charging stations conveniently

Get actionable insights into charger status, charging patterns, and energy consumption to help you make better business decisions.

Our EV charging management platform, Shabik, allows for remote monitoring and control of your charging network, seamless charging for your EV drivers, and advanced load management tasks to support demand response and load flexibility services. Simplify troubleshooting with diagnostic logs and configurable notification alerting features.


Boost revenue with flexible payments and billing solutions

Integrate with your preferred payment gateway to easily manage multiple billing options for your customers.


Manage your customers seamlessly

Analyze and predict customer behavior, and provide support to your customers through a smooth interface that supports a wide range of marketing strategies, allowing you to upsell and cross-sell your services.


Shabik Mobile App

Enable users to easily navigate your charging network, check availability, and make reservations.

Users can simply download the Shabik App on their smart device and gain immediate access to compatible EV chargers on the Shabik EV charging network.

The advantages of joining our Shabik network:

  • Unlimited charging access at home and on the go

  • Access to the fastest EV charging network

  • Prospect the availability of site locations for the charging stations

  • View the status of the chargers

  • Start and end the session from anywhere

Download the app to charge at our stations


EV Charging as a Service

Install top-of-the-line EV charging stations without any upfront costs Investing in EV infrastructure can be costly, so we have introduced charging as a service model. If you want to break the total cost of the charging equipment, installation, maintenance, and software solutions into smaller installments, then this partnership allows you to do so over a 3 or 5-year period.

With Charging as a Service, you benefit from our expertise in designing, deploying, and supporting large-scale EV charging programs. We simply convert your sites to EV charging destinations at zero cost to you.​​



Supply of EV charging stations

Installation & Maintenance


& App

Management Services



Why choose EV Charging as a Service?

Avoid upfront costs: Pay a low monthly fee to build EV charging infrastructure, instead of the high initial capital expense

Flexible terms: Choose the terms of service that work best for your business

Full-service management: Focus on your core business while we manage your entire EV charging infrastructure

Want to learn more about our offering?

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