Flexible, reliable, and powerful. With an output from 175 kW up to 350 kW, EVBox Ultroniq sets a whole new standard for ultra-fast charging stations

Charge fast. Electrifyingly fast

EVBox Ultroniq offers ultra-fast charging with a power output of 175 – 350 kW. Meanwhile, it ensures an exceptional user experience thanks to its ergonomic auto-retractable cables, flexible architecture, and high-quality components.


Equipped with a power(ful) output between 175 – 350 kW, EVBox Ultroniq fast charging stations can charge up to 400 km in just 15 mins (350 kW).


With its unique auto-retractable cables, rugged high-impact housing, advanced heating system, and high-quality power components, EVBox Ultroniq ultra-fast charging stations are fully reliable and built to last.

EVBox Ultroniq  fast charge station - Catec


Thanks to its flexible architecture, EVBox Ultroniq fast charging stations fit well in any space and are suitable for every use case around the world.

EVBox Ultroniq  fast charge station - Catec

 key features

Set fees (tariffs) for charging

Set fees for charging sessions for individuals, groups, or all charging station users using Hey EVBox. Plus, get a quick return on investment and cover your electricity costs.

Easy transportation, installation, and maintenance

EVBox Ultroniq's modular and durable components make it easy to transport, install, and maintain. That's why EVBox Ultroniq fits well into any type of (existing) layout—even in compact spaces.

Remote maintenance

EVBox Ultroniq allows you to monitor uptime and provide assistance remotely. Additionally, all firmware updates can be implemented from the backend.

3-year warranty

EVBox Ultroniq offers a 3-year warranty, providing you with peace of mind.

Color touchscreen with 4 languages

Ultroniq has an easy-to-read color touchscreen available in 4 languages, including the language of the country you're operating in.

Auto-retractable cables

Ultroniq unique auto-retractable cables keep the charging cables—the priciest part of the station—safe and secure at all times.

Advanced cooling and heating system

EVBox Ultroniq maintains optimal performance even in extreme weather conditions without requiring any additional accessories.

Utility power cabinet

EVBox Ultroniq is equipped with a utility power cabinet, which allows the energy meter and electrical protections to be installed safely inside the charging station. This doesn't require any additional space and eliminates the cost of an auxiliary electrical cabinet.

EVBox Ultroniq  fast charge station - Catec

Modular design

An EVBox Ultroniq ultra-fast charging station (DC, 350 kW) consists of at least three elements:
1 EVBox Ultroniq Power Unit 375 A + 1 User Unit + 1 Cooling Un

EVBox Ultroniq is perfect for: 









EVBox Ultroniq  fast charge station - Catec
EVBox Ultroniq  fast charge station - Catec
EVBox Ultroniq  fast charge station - Catec

 Ultroniq Power Unit 375 A

The AC/DC power converter is located in the Power Unit, which must be connected to at least one User Unit.

Ultroniq User Unit 500 A

The User Unit includes one or two cables, the attached CHAdeMo and/or CCS2, and must be connected to a Power Unit and a Cooling Unit.

Ultroniq Cooling Unit

The Cooling Unit is used to cool cables when the current exceeds 200 A. It can be connected to two EVBox Ultroniq User Units.

Go electric, your way

EVBox Ultroniq  fast charge station - Catec

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3. Connect with an installer

We’ll refer an approved installation partner to you, so you can rest assured that you’ll be receiving qualified installation work from highly-trained professionals.


4. Receive set up support

Once the installation is complete, we’ll assist you to make sure all charging points are correctly registered and help you make the most of our charging management software platform.

EVBox Ultroniq  fast charge station - Catec
EVBox Ultroniq  fast charge station - Catec
EVBox Ultroniq  fast charge station - Catec

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