Durable, scalable, and intelligent. Our charging stations are designed to make electrifying your business location easier than ever.

Business Chargers

Durable, scalable, and intelligent. Our EVBox BusinessLine and EVBox Iqon charging stations are designed to make electrifying your business location easier than ever.

Our business chargers are perfect fit for:






EVBox Iqon 

EVBox Iqon: the award-winning commercial charging station

EVBox Iqon is the award-winning commercial AC charger designed with a seamless user experience in mind. It’s a perfect fit for locations that aim to offer customers reliable EV charging with that premium look and feel.

EVBox BusinessLine

EVBox BusinessLine, the electric car charging station for businesses

The best-selling charging station with proven technology and reliability. Built to be connected and intelligent, EVBox BusinessLine makes going electric at your workplace/business easier than ever.


 Fast Chargers

Charging fast has never been easier

Our fast charging stations enable EV drivers to get back on the road as quickly as possible. Perfect for shortstop locations, highway rest stops, and fuel retail, EVBox fast charging stations provide a seamless user experience and always consume power efficiently

Our fast chargers are perfect fit for:







EVBox Troniq 50

EVBox Troniq 50: the fast charging station for every electric car

Fast, efficient, and reliable. With its powerful output of up to 50 kW, EVBox Troniq 50 is perfect for fast charging at on-the-go locations.

EVBox Troniq 100

EVBox Troniq 100: the new standard for EV fast charging

Reliable, intelligent, and accessible. EVBox Troniq delivers a powerful output of up to 100 kW for a seamless EV charging experience at your location.


Ultra-fast chargers

Ultroniq sets a new standard for ultra-fast EV charging

Flexible, reliable, and powerful. With an output from 175 kW up to 350 kW, EVBox Ultroniq sets a whole new standard for ultra-fast charging stations.

Our ultra-fast chargers are perfect fit for:






EVBox Ultroniq

Charge fast. Electrifyingly fast

EVBox Ultroniq offers ultra-fast charging with a power output of 175 – 350 kW. Meanwhile, it ensures an exceptional user experience thanks to its ergonomic auto-retractable cables, flexible architecture, and high-quality components.

EVBox Ultroniq

The new standard for high-power DC charging

EVBox Ultroniq delivers high-power DC charging consistently and reliably. With up to 350 kW and 500 A of continuous power output, Ultroniq is ideal for short-stop locations or fleet vehicle charging, ranging from passenger vehicles to buses and trucks


Public Chargers

EVBox PublicLine, the electric car charging station for public spaces

Our PublicLine charging stations are compatible with any grid network and ensure an energy efficient operation at all times.

EVBox PublicLine

Drive electric in the city

EVBox PublicLine is compatible with all grid networks and is available with double connectors. Its iconic charging status LED-ring is a well-recognized and friendly standard for electric drivers day and night.


EV Smart charging

EV Smart charging with dynamic load balancing

EVBox Smart Charging lets you safely balance the energy usage between your electric car charging station and other appliances on-site so your car charges in the most efficient way.

EV Smart charging

Charging electric cars with high efficiency

EVBox Smart Charging safely balances the energy usage between your electric car charging station and other appliances on-site. This ensures the most efficient charging of your electric car based on the available power capacity.


Our Services

Installation & customer Care services 





Charging as a service- Catec



Installation & Customer Care 

We are your authorized EVBox distributor throughout the Middle East and Africa. EVBox is the leading manufacturer of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations with easy to use and durable charging solutions for every situation.




EVBox Installation

For growing fleets of electric vehicles, you need a reliable and durable solution from top-of-the-line charging solution equipped with intelligent software.



CATEC Mobility provides smart and scalable technology, allowing you to save on costs by connecting up to 20 charging points to a single Hub.


You can choose to install chargers on a pole or mount it onto a wall and have one or two connectors.


The fully CE-certified business chargers are vandal-proof, non-flammable, and weather-resistant. EVBox’s robust and modular build makes it easy to install and maintain.

EV Charging Management

Shabik​ EV Charging Management

Easy, intelligent, and insightful. Shabik EV charging management software lets you track, manage, and optimize electric vehicle charging from wherever you please.

Shabik provides end-to-end EV management solutions for both private and public charging. Our Shabik  electric vehicle charging management (EVCM) platforms allows charging point (CP) owners and operators to provide a wide range of e-Mobility services to their clients.


EV Charging as a Service      
starting at

Flexible Monthly Payments

CATEC EV CaaS is a pay-as-you-go
package for EV Charging that includes
EV charge stations, the CATEC service solution, and financial

Includes a commercial charge station,

software, and on-going management   

Simple Software

Manage your stations and give

your EV drivers easy access to

all of Shabik online and mobile app tool

Full-Service Management

Enjoy no-hassle installation and ongoing station management with a single monthly payment.

EV Charging Regional Sales Team

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