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Electrify your fleet and build a sustainable business

Transition your fleet to EVs to embrace the future of transportation. build This smart move will reduce your operational costs, demonstrate your commitment to sustainability, and attract environmentally conscious customers.

Whether your fleet charges at a depot, along the route, or at home, we work together with you to build reliable and accessible charging infrastructure ensuring business continuity at all times.

  • Build a reliable and energy-efficient fleet system  

  • Reduce carbon emissions along the heavily traveled transport routes 

  • Boost brand equity and awareness 

Scalable charging solutions for all types of fleets

Corporate Fleets

Delivery & Logistics

Transit Bus Operators

Comprehensive Solution

Accelerate your electrification journey with our robust charging products, fleet management software, seamless installation, and ongoing support.



Our EV charging product portfolio includes solutions for any fleet, no matter what size, providing charging output from 7.4 kW – 600 kW.


Integrated Software

Track, manage, and optimize your fleet's performance with our charging management software, providing a hassle-free charging experience to your fleet drivers.

Operational Visibility​

  • Remote monitoring of every electric vehicle in your fleet.

  • Real-time visibility into your charging stations and network performance.

  • Automated & customized alerts and notifications help quickly detect any issues.


Smart Energy Management

  • On-time charging for every vehicle with dynamic and scheduled charging.

  • Load balancing across stations to reduce any costly service upgrades.

  • Gain access to real-time energy consumption data with customizable filters for time, interval, power, location, and station groups.


Expert Services


Deploy EV charging stations at scale and maximize the efficiency of your charging stations. We evaluate your requirements and optimize a solution that supports both your current and future EV charging objectives.


  • Certified and highly trained technicians

  • Safety and compliance assurance

  • Choice of a range of world-class EV charging stations



Keep your charging stations up and running at all times. Our customized service and maintenance programs ensure that your EV charging stations run smoothly all year.


  • 24/7 service helpdesk

  • Preventive & corrective maintenance

  • On-site & remote technical support

Ready to start your e-mobility journey?

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