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Meeting Management System

Specifically designed to leverage governmental leaders run smart digital meetings and keep the detail confidential. 

Fresh insights for better decision 

QARAR is the meeting management software of choice for government boards, committees, councils and large organizations, looking to improve efficiency, transparency, and accessibility with integrated paperless legislative and meeting automation solutions.


Correspondence Management System

Designed to digitize corporate communications and correspondences management to go paperless.


Become more effective 

BARQ offers governments and organisations digital capabilities to become more responsive and accountable in the way they operate by having a robust communication platform in place to manage all inward/outward as well as inter/intra-departmental correspondences with total accuracy, privacy and on-time delivery.


Barq - Catec
mahem - catec

Robotic Software Engine

The industry’s most versatile Robot uniquely specializes in both human-led and robot-led automation scenarios.

Your new digital worker that never sleeps

MAHEN is A Robotic Software Engine developed in-house by CATEC as a unique digital assistance robot that is capable of performing actions over WhatsApp and other channels.


Digital Transformation Regional Sales Team

Youʼre in Extremely Safe hands with our knowledgeable sales team. 

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