Safe, smart, and simple. Save time by charging your electric car in the driveway or garage so that you can hit the road with a full battery every day.

Charging at home has never been easier

Our home charging solution is compatible with all EV Cars and brings the ultimate charge experience to your home, apartment or complex. Our services include the installation and access to couple forget the regular electrical outlet.

Safely charge 8x faster at home by simply plugging your electric car into an EVBox Elvi station to charge, and then unplugging it to drive. With a 3-year warranty, a home charging station is a must for every

EV driver with off-street parking.te smart charging services.


Why charge with an EVBox charging station?

EVBox charging station




Powers up every electric car

EVBox Elvi comes with just three components: the wall dock, the station, and the cable (for the fixed cable version). Once the wall dock is installed by an electrician, you can simply click the station and cable into place to start charging or unlock the station yourself to send in for maintenance.

Charges 8 times faster

(and more safely) than a regular outlet

EVBox Elvi connects with the Shabik charging management platform to provide you with charging session insights, as well as the EVBox Smart Charging add-on to automatically adjust power consumption in real-time (known as dynamic load balancing).

Ensures you leave home every morning with a full battery

EVBox Elvi evolves with you. With "click-on" features and modular build, all you need to do is upgrade your charging cable & charging capacity.

EVBox Elvi key features

Safe and fast

Elvi charges up to eight times fast than a regular outlet. It's CE-certified, and by far the safest charging method for your car and home.

Reimbursement of charging costs

Elvi allows you to manage the settlement and reimbursement of all your charging costs via the Hey EVBox app.

Plug and charge (Autostart)

Elvi is available with an autostart functionality that allows you to simply plug and charge without a card or mobile app.

Always connected

Elvi operates effortlessly through a WiFi or 3G connection.

Easy installation with the EVBox Connect app

Video & Audio conferencing capabilities including on-premise and recording capabilities 

Realtime insights and full control

Submit agenda items, set approval routing workflow, edit topics and attachment and review previous meetings agendas. 

Load balancing

Elvi helps you get the most out of your charging sessions without asking you to upgrade your meter board. With Manual Load Balancing, you tell Elvi how much voltage it can use so it consumes your home's power supply responsibly.


Elvi's weatherproof, shockproof, and modular design minimizes the need for maintenance. Hit the road fully charged every morning, all year round.

3-year warranty

Video & Audio conferencing capabilities including on-premise and recording capabilities 

Dynamic load balancing compatibility

With dynamic load balancing through the EVBox Smart Charging service, EVBox Elvi always consumes your home's power supply efficiently without costly upgrades to your building's grid connection.


The full package

Much more than just an electric car charging station, we provide you with a full-service package to make your life easier.

Home charging stations - Catec
Home charging stations - Catec
Home charging stations - Catec

EVBox Elvi

EVBox Elvi evolves with every electric car, so it's the only charger you'll ever need!

Full-service installation

CATEC Mobility certified installers provide safe and fast installations at optimal location(s) on your site.

Charging management

With Shabik, you can track and manage charging sessions from your smartphone or computer with ease.

Go electric, your way

Home charging stations - Catec

1. Request a quote

After you request a quote, our team will be in contact within one business day to inquire more about your situation and answer any questions you may have.


2. Get your site surveyed

We’ll send a technician for a site survey to assess power requirements, identify ideal locations for the chargers, and more


3. Connect with an installer

We’ll refer an approved installation partner to you, so you can rest assured that you’ll be receiving qualified installation work from highly-trained professionals.


4. Receive set up support

Once the installation is complete, we’ll assist you to make sure all charging points are correctly registered and help you make the most of our charging management software platform.

Home charging stations - Catec
Home charging stations - Catec
Home charging stations - Catec

EV Charging Regional Sales Team

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