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T. Gargour and Fils Co. partners with CATEC Mobility to provide EV chargers 

 CATEC Mobility, the leading provider of EV charging solutions and e-mobility services, partnered with T. Gargour & Fils Co. to provide smart EV charging solutions to their customers. The partnership enables CATEC Mobility to provide smart, easy-to-use home charging solutions along with the after-installation and maintenance service to the customers of T. Gargour & Fils Co. 


As part of the partnership, CATEC Mobility has also installed EV charging stations at T. Gargour & Fils Co.'s showroom, where customers can easily charge their electric vehicles. Not only would electrification help them prepare for the delivery of electric vehicles to new owners, but having a charging solution on-site would also help customers overcome their reservations about going electric. EV chargers would also attract customers, who would be delighted to use charging stations while looking at other vehicles.


"We are pleased to bring CATEC Mobility's EV charging solutions to T. Gargour & Fils Co. dealerships, providing the critical infrastructure required to charge Gargour's expanding line-up of EV models, said Rami Abu Hayah, Chief Executive Officer, CATEC Mobility.


"As transportation is headed towards electrification, our advanced EV charging infrastructure will play a significant role in accelerating mass adoption of EVs by consumers."

"We believe this partnership is in line with our objective to continue pioneering the future of electrical vehicles and customer experience," said Ibrahim Musallam, General Manager, T.Gargour & Fils Co.


"T.G.F is excited and proud to introduce new solutions that facilitate eco-friendly practices in our industry. “

To accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles, we must strengthen the EV charging infrastructure. As car dealerships provide more and more electric vehicle options to their customers, CATEC Mobility is ready to support the installation and long-term maintenance of the charging stations.

About T. Gargour & Fils Co.

T. Gargour & Fils Co. is the authorized General Distributor of Mercedes-Benz in Jordan. Our customers are guaranteed a vehicle of excellent quality when they take delivery of a Mercedes-Benz brand new or certified pre-owned car. The right partner for every task: buying a new or certified pre-owned car from T. Gargour & Fils Co. comes with a wide choice of attractive optional offers, including comprehensive testing by our highly trained technicians and services such as tailor-made service contracts and genuine spare parts.

About CATEC Mobility 


CATEC Mobility provides EV charging solutions and other e-mobility services to the Middle East market. We take care of the entire project lifecycle – from designing the infrastructure solution, installing the charging stations to the full-service maintenance. Our charging stations are compatible with all the major electric cars - Tesla, Jaguar I-Pace, BMW i-series, and Renault Zoe. We have already installed 419 charging stations for 159 clients in 11 countries.

CATEC Mobility
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